• Winter Sessions 20-21

    Winter Skating Schedule 2020

    Starts When allowed by California  - June 8, 2021

    Holiday Session times may be different

    Closed Thanksgiving day

    Closed Christmas Day

    Special Sessions Feb 15th - 19th 12-2:30 & 2-4:30 ( Presidents Week)


    Admission   Price
    Regular Afternoon Admission   $9.00
    Regular Night Admission   $9.50
    Age 5 and under Admission   $5.00
    Extra Session   $3.00
    Skate Rental    
    Regular Skate Rental   $4.00
    Inline Rental   $5.00




    Day    Info    Price

    Monday night 7-9:15pm


    Christian Music Skate Includes skate Rental



    Tues and Thursday Morning



    Adult Session (18 and over)

    Includes Skate rental & Coffee



    Wednesday 10am - 12 Noon


    Super Kids Session includes skate rental



    Thursday"Afterschool" Skate 4-6pm


    Kid friendly Session includes skate rental



    Thursday Discount Skate 7 - 9:15PM


    Family Friendly Music Includes skate rental



     Friday"Afterschool" Skate 4-6pm


    Kid friendly Session includes skate rental



    Sunday night


     Family Skate Night Includes skate rental
    - this rate is good for a minimum of 1 adult
      and one child...And you can bring 2 friends
    and get the discount!






    • 4:45 - 6:45 p.m. PRIVATE PARTIES (click here for more info)
       Call for reservations 961.3339 other weekday times available.
    • 7 -9:15 p.m. CHRISTIAN MUSIC SKATE NIGHT (For anyone seeking Christian Fellowship, singles, youth groups or entire churches) - $7.00 includes skate rental.